Traveler Bio

Hi! I'm Sara, and I'm an English teacher who has lived and taught in three different countries (Spain, Poland and Belize). I graduated from New Mexico State University last year with a degree to teach English as a foreign language.

I was born in China but raised by my adoptive parents in Montana, where I grew up with dogs and a younger brother. I began thinking about traveling overseas when my grandmother showed me photos of the castles and streets that she had seen in Germany during her travels back to her home country. Since then, I've been trying to exploring as much as I can in the European countries that I have visited.

I love to explore and learn about new cultures and languages! I can speak Spanish, and I'm learning to speak Polish. I love reading poetry and learning about history. I also love long walks through my city and exploring the numerous restaurants and coffee shops I encounter. 

I'm excited to explore this whole new region of Spain and show you the beautify that is Asturias. As this is my first time in the area, I will be learning with you and sharing what I've learned from the amazing and kind locals. Are you ready to begin?