Sascha's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Essen Germany

Come follow me on my journey around Germany! I'll be helping students of all ages learn English, and in my free time I'll be traveling the country and exploring new places.


Here's a look into a regular week in my life in Essen, the ninth largest city in Germany.


I've loved sharing my journey in Essen with you as much as I've enjoyed teaching here. Although this is my last journal, I've decided to extend my time in Germany and really make it my second home!

Field Notes

Essen is known as the heart of the coal industry in Germany. I recently toured a famous mining complex turned museum to learn about the history and the future of coal mining in this region.


Did you know that gummy bears were invented in Germany? Haribo is the most popular gummy bear company in the whole world, and I visited their outlet in the very city where they were created, Bonn!