Selena's Journey to Costa Rica

Current Location

Parque Nacional Irazu sector Prusia

Vámonos! Let's go! Follow me on my jounrey to Costa Rica to learn more about conservation! Together, we will explore the rainforests of Central America and learn Spanish along the way!


Although I have been in Costa Rica for only a little over a month, I have had the adventures of a lifetime! Come join me on my adventures in my primary city abroad!


It was difficult to say farewell to my host family, my classmates and Costa Rica. Although I was excited to see my family in Pittsburgh for the holidays, I was not ready to leave Costa Rica behind!

Field Notes

I took an amazing trip to Irazu National Park to explore plant diversity in Costa Rica. During this trip, I learned how tropical plants adapt to cooler climates and high altitudes!


During my last month in Costa Rica, I took a trip to Monte Verde National Park! Here, my class and I hiked through the cloud forest, went ziplining through the jungle and rode horses!