Belo Horizonte
-19.916681300000, -43.934493100000
Journal Entry:

I cannot believe that this is my last post about my journey to Brazil! I am grateful that I was able to share my experiences with you. For my last post, I thought I would share the top three most important things I have learned while living in Brazil.

1. Slow down. I moved here from Washington, DC, and, for me, that was a pretty big change. In DC it is easy to zip through the day focused only on work, school and errands. I used to travel 45 minutes on a crowded train to get to and from work, and most of the time I wouldn't speak to anyone. In Brazil, however, I have learned the importance of slowing down and enjoying my surroundings. I stop to greet people if I am out shopping, I keep my phone put away if I am on the bus or walking around, and I do not try to get twenty things done in one day. This change has made me feel more relaxed and allowed me to enjoy spending time with my family and with new friends.

2. Be curious. If  I were not already a little curious, I would likely never have moved to Brazil to begin with, and I would probably not have chosen a career in research. However, being curious is even more important to me since I got to Brazil. I am curious about new foods, holidays games and traditions.