This festival was brought to Brazil by Portuguese colonizers when they invaded Brazil in the 1600s. Originally, only rich and powerful people celebrated Carnaval. Brazilians then adapted the holiday and made it their own for all the people. Brazilians began to dress up in silly costumes, which were meant to make fun of the rich Portuguese colonizers; and the people introduced their own dances such as Samba, that we know the country for today.

Is this tradition connected to its environment? How?:

Today Carnival is not really associated with Catholicism, any more. Instead, people choregraph dances, design costumes and make giant parade floats to bring awareness to certain themes in their society. Almost every year, there are costumes and floats designed to bring attention to the need to preserve the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil, for example. I love this holiday for the color and sense of fun, as well as for the ways in which it brings people together. What is your favorite holiday? Have you ever experienced Carnaval (or Carnival) in your country or in Brazil?