Farewell from Chemnitz

Chemnitz, Germany
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Journal Entry:

Dearest readers, 

First off, if you have been reading all of my posts, I'd like to say thank you, truly. I wanted to begin this journey with Reach the World to challenge myself to be more reflective in my everyday life, and I believe that this blog has helped me to get to that point. From taking on new hobbies like listening to podcasts and film photography, to trying my best to integrate myself within my community, it's been a wild ride. I had some successes like making new German friends and joining an amazing intercultural organization at my local university. I also, however, had some things that I came up short on, like dedicating myself to keeping a journal and starting an after-school club at the school I work at. Despite these shortcomings (and, of course, life will be filled with many of these shortcomings), I am proud of myself!

As previously stated, I joined a club a few months ago called Kulturcampus. This is a club at the Technische Universität Chemnitz (where I am enrolled as a part-time student) that focuses on intercultural communication and dialogue. The club is full of German students and also international students studying at TU. Every so often, the club puts on "theme nights," where someone presents about their hometown.