Santiago's Metro


Think about where you live and the types of transportation that exist. There’s likely more than one, and maybe you (or someone you know) uses multiple modes to get around.  

In Chile, depending on the city in which you live, the combination of transport you use may vary! In Santiago, for example, I get around by walking, using the metro, taking a bus, or occasionally taking a taxi or Uber. This flat and expansive city makes the metro an efficient way of getting around because you can travel far distances in a short amount of time. The metro and entire transportation system is quite modern here, similar to any modern transportation system you'd find in the United States. 

However, I recently took a trip to a vibrant port city called Valparaíso. It’s about an hour and a half to the west of Santiago, located on the Pacific Ocean. This city has a much smaller radius than Santiago and is very hilly, so a metro wouldn’t be particularly beneficial here. Instead, they have a unique method of transportation to help people get up and down the hills. That’s what I want to tell you about today!

How do people get around?:

In Santiago, people get around by metro, bus and car. You might be familiar with these modes of transportation if you live in (or have ever visited) a major city.