Sonia's Journey to India

Current Location

Vellore and Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu and Bangaluru, Karnataka, India

Hey! My name is Sonia Norton and I am teaching English in Vellore, India. I'm so excited to experience the incredible people, places and culture of India alongside you!


Between Pongal, traveling to the Yelagiri Hills and Bangalore and teaching for the one day of the week, this week was an adventure. Let's check out this exciting week!


I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share my journey in Vellore with you. As the term ends, let’s remember our journey and look forward to the exciting things you can accomplish!

Field Notes

Auto rickshaws, better known as autos, are my favorite way to get around town. Despite being kind of terrifying at first, autos are a quick and easy way to get where we need to go. Let's check it out!


This week we had four days off school to celebrate the Tamilian harvest festival Pongal! Pongal celebrates the blessings from the sun, cows and elders over three days. Let’s check it out!