Happy Pongal!


Students at the school where I teach had two hours to prepare their kolam for the competition
Families put a kolam outside their homes on each day of Pongal. Pongal kolams are particularly colorful and expressive
This kolam depicts the traditional method of cooking pongal (a good made of rice cooked with water and milk and flavoring) in a clay pot
Bhogi (bo-gee), or the day before Pongal officially starts, is a big day for Tamil movie premires
My host mom made puri (poo-r-ee) and potato masala for me and Gillian to start off Pongal with a yummy meal
Surya Pongal is the second day of Pongal and the day for giving offerings to the sun god.
Giving offerings to the sun is a big part of Pongal because Pongal celebrates the harvest
This is my family in India. My host family has welcomed me as a daughter, and Gillian and Brian and I have become great friends as we have journeyed together