Farewell, Adventurers!

I am also reminded of my perspective when I try to cool off my tea by pouring it back and forth between metal cups instead of blowing on it or waiting for it to cool on its own. My diet, my clothes and my heat tolerance have all changed since I’ve been in Vellore; however, my personality and my preferences are still the same. By engaging with the Vellore community, I have become more aware of how my background as a white, cisgender, Californian, American woman impacts everything that I do.

Coming to Vellore has helped me engage with a community that is very different from my community at home. It has also helped me remember the importance of exploring and interacting with the communities around me. We all bring unique experiences and contributions to the world and we can learn from one another. Whether we are in our home community or adapting to a new community, we can all learn from and support one another. There are countless programs, including Fulbright, that support Americans like us in connecting with communities across the country and around the globe. As our journey together comes to a close, I look forward to further engaging with my community here and to hearing about the wonderful things you accomplish in and beyond your community.

In our Skype sessions, you have impressed me with your thoughtful and engaging questions. That curiosity is the first piece of your journey toward engaging with your local, national and international communities. Thank you for helping me think about my journey! Keep asking questions and I'm confident that someday you will be the one sharing your adventures!