Sosa's Journey to South Africa

Current Location

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi! My name is Sosa, and I am studying astrophysics and observational astronomy at the University of Cape Town (UCT). Join me as we explore South Africa together!


Join me as I juggle my college work with the sights and delights of Cape Town, including an ostrich burger and a visit to the most south-westerly point on the African continent!


In this journal, I write about my experience integrating into the community and some observations of it. I talk about things such as the effect of apartheid, diversity and friendliness.

Field Notes

Food—who doesn't love food?! Coming from America where you can sample just about every cuisine, I was excited to discover the similarly varied delicacies of the Cape Town melting pot!  


I arrived in Cape Town just in time to see the Zeitz Museum's new Afro-futurism exhibit, which looks at African culture through tech, stories of the past and present, and dreams of the future.