A Complex City

What makes this environment special or different?:

Shenyang is different from other big cities in China because it’s not directly competing with another big city nearby. For instance, Beijing has Tian Jin, Shenzhen has Guangzhou, and Shanghai has Hong Kong. Shenyang, however, is surrounded by cities that are much smaller in population and GDP (gross domestic product). This is important because it means Shenyang has less motivation to develop fast. By growing slowly, the city sometimes gets forgotten when people talk about important cities in China or places to visit.

As a resident, I actually like it. The city feels more personal, more intimate and comfortable in its own shoes. It’s not trying to be something it’s not, and it’s not in a rush to change senselessly.  

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Although Shenyang hasn’t developed at the same rate as the cities I mentioned I above, it still has done a lot to improve the transportation and quality of its residents. From the metro system to historical preservation and green space, there is a lot to enjoy in Shenyang.

A lot of people love to visit one of the six large parks or the 18 riverside gardens in Shenyang. The South Canal Linear Park is the most famous among them. The park extends for over nine miles and is populated by gorgeous and colorful vegetation. 

The two-line metro system is also a very helpful part of Shenyang. It’s very easy to learn, efficient and rather clean. I’ve taken it a bunch of times and can’t wait to see all the places on the new line stops at the end of the year.