Baozi and Other Beautiful Food


My boss was in town this week so we received the royal treatment from the University. Administration heads and other English professors joined us for lunch one day. We had an assortment of delicious meats, noodles, rice and vegetables. Some of the dishes were signatures from the northeastern region of China. A lot of those included mixed rice or fried meat. One dish, in particular, got my attention. It was a fluffy bun on the outside, and to my surprise, meat on the inside! After having many servings of this treat, the administrator next to me remarked, "ahhh I see you’re a be a big fan of Baozi." I had never heard of the term Baozi, but quickly nodded and replied, "why yes, it’s delicious." I’ll be sure to order this again when I’m out. 

I continued to eat Baozi for the next few days at the teacher’s cafeteria. Luckily this food is found all throughout Shenyang and is sold at markets and restaurants alike. 

What food did I try?:

I tried a lot of new foods during lunch this week. Some food that stood out was pig ears, cumin chicken bones, pork and sour cabbage stew and dry tofu with meat and hot pepper. A lot of these dishes were from the northeast region of China. 

My favorite out of this bunch would have to be the pork and cabbage stew.