Stephen's Journey to Singapore

Current Location


Join me on my journey to Singapore! Singapore is unique because the entire country is a single city on a very small island, and yet it has so much to offer. Let's explore together!


After a long week of studying and learning at the university, I spent the weekend on Singapore's resort island, just 15 minutes away from the school. The island is popular among tourists!


My time in Singapore is now coming to a close as final exams have already begun. As the reality of departure sets in, I have begun to reflect on the value of this experience and my time in Singapore!

Field Notes

Singapore prides itself on being one of the cleanest cities in the world, and has also been developing eco-friendly initiatives in recent decades to promote a greener living space.


Just last week I had the pleasure of visiting Indonesia for the first time! Indonesia is a large country made up of many smaller islands. Bali is one of those islands, and it's a very unique place!