Traveler Bio

Hello! My name is Stephen Roselli and I am very excited to share my adventures in Singapore with you! I’m 20 years old and I have two brothers (I'm the middle child) and two wonderful and supportive parents. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and when I was 13 my family and I moved to Pennsylvania. Just last year we moved to South Carolina, right near the beach! I have always loved school, especially math and history. I worked very hard to get good grades in high school so I could go to a great college. After graduation, I moved on to Brandeis University (a small school outside Boston), where I'm studying economics (business), politics and global studies.

Ever since I was young and learned about a few of the 195 unique countries in the world, I wondered: why just stay in only one? I've dreamt about how cool it would be to visit a country where monkeys swing in the trees or people eat scorpions. I have always liked to read great stories, which made me think that there are seven BILLION people in the world and every one of them has their own very interesting, unique story.

I am currently studying at the National University of Singapore, where I'm excited to explore a new corner of the world and hear the stories of the Singaporean people. Are you ready to come along? Let's go!