Tamara's Journey to Japan

Current Location


こんにちわ! Konnichiwa! Hello! I'm Tamara, and I'm participating in a virtual internship with a company in Japan! Let's explore Japanese culture and the global elements in our own communities together!


Here is a week of my life at present as a virtual international intern! While I am limited in what I can do, due to COVID-19, I am still making the best of it! 


It's time for our journey to Japan to come to a close.  Take a look at what my future holds!

Field Notes

In this Field Note, I am going to show you how to make ramen. Ramen is simple to make, and it's an extremely popular food in Japanese cuisine!  Give it a try!


In this album, I'll show you how I find multiculturalism in my community. I want to show you all that multiculturalism is everywhere and easy to find! You’re exposed to it more than you may think.