Traveler Bio

Hello, fellow learners! My name is Teresa Chappell, and over the next twelve weeks, I’ll be sharing my experiences in Wuhan, China with you! I’m excited to relay what I learn about this incredible country, its culture and its language. 

I’m currently living and working in Wuhan, China. I teach English to college freshman and sophomores at Wuhan University of Technology. Wuhan is a pretty bustling city! There are about 35 universities in Wuhan, so there are many young students living here. The population may be young, but Wuhan has a very rich history dating all the way back to antiquity! Wuhan even played a part in the fall of the Qing dynasty! I can’t wait to explore Wuhan’s history some more with you by my side.

While I’m here, I hope to experience as much Chinese culture as I can. I aim to create lasting connections with Wuhan’s people and gain a deeper understanding of both the city's and the country’s culture. I will definitely be practicing my language skills, which will help me make friends and learn more about everyday life in the city.

I hope our exchange will take us all on a journey toward more knowledge! Are you ready?