Traveler Bio

Hallo! Hello!

My name is Teresa and right now I am living in the city of Rotterdam in the tiny country of the Netherlands. I am originally from Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known for having a lot of cows. Many of the people from Wisconsin work as dairy farmers and almost everyone in Wisconsin loves to eat the cheese that the farmers make.

Even though I am a Wisconsinite, I don’t work as a farmer. I am a student. I studied psychology and economics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. At my university, I met people from all over the world. I had a friend from Columbia who helped me speak Spanish, a friend from Iran who studied engineering and a friend from Australia who liked to kayak. None of my friends had ever tried a cheese curd or gone to a football game. I loved getting to show them my favorite parts of being a Wisconsinite.

They showed me pieces of their culture, too. We were part of a cultural exchange. I thought my friends were brave to leave their country and travel somewhere new. They said it was worth it to feel nervous and uncertain in a new country because they learned so much.

So, after graduation, I decided to follow my friends’ example and travel. I moved to the Netherlands and I am going to school at Erasmus University. I’m excited to share my adventures abroad with you!