Nepali food


Nepal is one of the "crossroads" of the World. Trade between China and Hindustan (India's name before English colonization) has occurred for centuries and traders from both countries used Nepal's mountain passes in order to conduct this trade. Some travellers shared their cultural and food tradtions with those they met in Nepal. Some even decided to stay. These traditions have been integrated into Nepali culture, so it isn't hard to find a variety of good food! 

What food did I try?:

I've tried many foods in Nepal and vegetarian momos are my favorite. I've also tried dhal baat which is a traditional meal in Nepal and India. It is served on a large plate or tray and is made up of rice, lentil soup, veggies, chutney and flat bread. Dhal baat is both very delicious and filling!

How did I feel when I tried it?:

Sometimes I am nervous about trying new food, so I have to be brave. I don't always like everything, but that's O.K! I try to take my time to taste it, anyway. I am very glad that I've tried many unfamiliar foods because I have, in the process of looking, found new foods I love!

How is the food prepared?:

Food is usually prepared over a fire, and the meal might be boiled, steamed or fried. For instance, traditional Nepali bread is a crispy flat-bread prepared on the stove over an open flame.