Tips and Tricks for College and Study Abroad Success!

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Journal Entry:

The most important thing that you can do to prepare for an easier college journey is to write an excellent essay about yourself. In a maximum of two pages, creatively market yourself through a story that describes who you are, what impactful event in your life shaped who you are today and the goals you want to achieve. Be creative, clear and concise. You will reuse this for your college and scholarship applications for years to come. A truly honed and perfected essay can be used and reused several times, molded to fit whatever prompt is in front of you. Have your advisors, teachers and mentors look over your essay and offer their feedback on it. Once you have this spectacular essay, you’ve hit the jackpot. This essay will make you stand out for college and scholarship applications, and you can use it in practically every application because most prompts are similar or the exact same.

Second, you want to make yourself competitive for colleges and scholarships. Enhance your resume by volunteering in the community, working, participating in school activities and building your skills. Doing your best in school will be imperative to stand out in front of recruiters and scholarship committees.