Transportation to Vietnam


This weekend, I traveled to Vietnam with a couple of my friends and had a great time. I will go more into detail about those fun activities in my journal entry for the Vietnam trip. However, I did something different for this Vietnam trip. Within 24 hours, I took a taxi, an airplane, another taxi and a train to get to my location. Once I was in Vietnam, I drove a motorbike throughout the city for three days. Interesting right? 

How do people get around?:

Vietnamese people get around using motorbikes and cars.

How did I feel when I tried this way of getting around?:

Getting into the taxis in Vietnam was nothing that I was not already used to. When I rode on a train, I experienced something new. I learned that the trains depart at the exact time that is printed and I almost got left behind! I feel safer in a train because I am on the ground, which is the opposite of my feelings when I am in an airplane. The airplane flight made me feel nervous. I am not very good with heights, so airplanes always kind of make me nervous. Are you afraid of heights? Do you like to travel by plane or train?

I also tried driving a motorbike for the first time. It was pretty difficult to navigate at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it! Motorbikes are kind of like motorcycles. They are just a little bit slower.