Traveler Bio

Hello! I am Ahkenaton Furdge from Clarksdale, Mississippi. I am 19 years old and this semester I'm studying abroad in Bangkok, Thailand! Studying abroad is always something I wanted to do, but I didn't see it as a possibility until someone told me about the resources available to students who really want to make travel a part of their education. After that, I dove right in! Lots of hard work and persistence later, here I am, a small-town boy from Clarksdale, Mississippi, studying in Bangkok for the entire semester.

I arrived in Bangkok almost a full month ago, and I'm making the most of every day. I've seen and done things already that I'll never forget. Transportation is very cheap and I have taken full advantage of that opportunity to journey throughout Thailand to cities such as Chang Mai, Phuket and Salaya. I am hopeful that much more is ahead! I'm looking forward to exploring more of Thailand together!

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