Who is Andrew? What does he do?

Cabeceras, Costa Rica
10.357123300000, -84.873694500000
Journal Entry:

Hey guys! Welcome to my journey in Costa Rica! As you know, my name is Andrew and I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer living in a small Costa Rican mountain town. I’m originally from Arlington, a town in northern Virginia located right outside of Washington D.C. Life in the D.C. suburbs is quite different from where I live now. I went from being surrounded by concrete sidewalks, busy roads and tall buildings to being surrounded by cows, coffee farms and rainforests! I lived in northern Virginia for the first 18 years of my life, and after high school, I moved to Charlottesville, Virginia (a town in central Virginia) to attend the University of Virginia. In college, I studied Finance, Management and Psychology and graduated in May 2023. After my graduation, I decided I wanted to live in another country so I could experience a new culture and learn another language. 

I ended up applying for the Peace Corps, a government organization that places volunteers in other countries for 2 years to help people in small, rural communities. I was accepted to live in Costa Rica for my 2 years of service and I’ve been here since July 2023! My job here is to help grow local businesses and teach basic business skills to business owners and students in the schools.