Daily Life in Moscow


The brief interview that follows is a conversation with my friend Sergei. I've tried to sum up his words as best I can. It's written from his perspective. I hope that you enjoy what Sergei has to say, and you take away a different perspective on Moscow. 

What is your full name?:

Sergei Nikolaiovich Vishnikov

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

I live in an apartment in Moscow near the Yugo-Zapodnoe Metro stop, near the university. My apartment has one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen. It's small, but it's comfortable. My apartment building is close to a beautiful park. I love to go on walks there on nice afternoons. 

What is your family like?:

I have a father, a mother and a younger sister. We are a very close family, and I talk with them all of the time. I have not seen them in several months, but I hope that I will be able to travel to them soon. My grandfather also lives with my parents in an apartment in a smaller city in Russia. When I moved to Moscow, I was very lucky to find an apartment after living in the university dorms for a year. 

How do you get around?:

I usually use the Metro and bus system. We're (Muscovites meaning citizens of Moscow) really lucky to have a great public transportation system.