Russian Food Isn't All Bad!


Russian food typically includes cabbage and beets. Don't get me wrong, some of it is. In fact, beet soup, borsh, is much tastier than you think it would be. That being said, not all Russian food is appealing to me. I don't really like cabbage or pickles or anything that is pickled (that's not a plain pickle). I don't like mystery meat in a weird jelly (for example, herring under a fur coat; you'll have to look that up!). I don't even really like pelmeni (boiled meat dumplings popular with most people). But, I've tried it all! Let me tell you the best of the best, what you HAVE to eat in Moscow! Read on!

What food did I try?:

First, even though I told you I don't like all those things above, you absolutely must sit down at a traditional Soviet restaurant and try ethnic Russian food for yourself. Some people love it, just not me.

My advice is you should find a MUMU near you. MUMU is a chain of stolovayas, cafeterias, and is very popular with Russians. You can go down the line and point at whatever you want. I recommend shashlik (kebobs) and any kind of kartoshka (potatoes).

If Russian food really isn't for you, I would recommend Georgian food. I've mentioned it before, but it really is worth mentioning again. Georgian food is the Mexican food of Russia.