Environmentally Friendly

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Aside from the poor air quality that occurs from time to time, Korea is a beautiful country with a lot of natural resources and open land. Through this wonderful environment, farmers are able to grow amazing vegetables and crops to feed the country. One of the most popular vegetables grown is Nappa cabbage, which is used to make the Korean cuisine staple kimchi, a fermented cabbage dish that is a bit like coleslaw with a lot of spice and no mayonaise.

What challenges do people face living in this environment?:

Due to air quality, it is common to see Korean people wearing masks when the quality is especially bad. In my time in Korea, I had to wear a mask a few times. Before knowing that a mask is required to protect against fine dust, I went outside unprotected and when I came back home I could see the remnants of the dust as I washed my face. After this experience, I downloaded an app that updates you on the quality of the air, and so I was always prepared for the next time.

How have people been adapting to this environment?:

Based on my experience, Korea seems to be adapting well to its circumstances. Masks are very affordable and provide protection against air pollution and fine dust. While Korea tackles air pollution, they are also very mindful of their environment practicing various environmentally friendly initiatives. 

Seoul, Korea
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