Environmentally Friendly


When preparing for my trip to Korea, I imagined how a lot of things would be once I got there. The environment was the last thing I thought about. Of course, I anticipated the weather, knowing that it would be cold, but my mind didn't go beyond those expectations. I wasn't expecting to witness anything drastically different from what I had experienced in the U.S. Upon arriving in Korea, I was taken aback by how many trash and recyling containers there were. I know that's a strange thing to be excited about, but in my experience living in the city, it is very common for people to litter casually. When I was in Korea, I rarely saw anyone litter. Not only that, but the trash service is very organized with designated bins for plastic, paper, metal, and food. When throwing out trash, you are expected to separate it into its appropriate groups so that materials can be reused.

What makes this environment special or different?:

While in Korea I learned about fine dust and air quality. Due to its location, South Korea often experiences poor air quality as a result of pollution. At first, I did not realize the severity of the problem as it is not every day that the air quality is bad or unsafe. Research also suggests that poor air quality can shorten the life span.