Flowers Blooming in Fall


My study abroad group planned a temple stay at Jeondeungsa temple in Ganghwa-gun, Incheon. Our group stayed there for two days and one night. I was able to take a break from city life and connect with nature. At the temple, there are many different buidlings and structures. One stuck out in particular at the entrance. The structure is triangle-shaped with different colored bows wrapped around it. It was beautiful. While there, we experienced how the monks live their lives daily. We started our day at dawn, swept the lawn, ate with the monks, accompanied the head monk on his morning walk and participated in a traditional 108 bow ceremony. The temple is the monks' home, and they look after everything at the temple carefully. We stayed there during the fall, so many of the leaves were turning brown and falling off trees. This small patch of flowers was the only vibrant color I saw during my stay!

What does this creature or plant look like?:

This plant is called a cosmos flower. There are over 20 different kinds of cosmos flowers. This one appears to be growing in a bush, but it's not very full. There are a lot of weeds at the bottom of the bush, and it's also surrounded by rocks. The petals come in different colors like purple, lilac and white, all with a yellow center.