Annie's Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Hengchun, Taiwan

Nǐ hǎo! Hello! I’m Annie, and I teach English in Taiwan. I’m beyond excited to journey with you as we explore Taiwan’s incredibly unique culture, language, and traditions. Let’s go!


Hello, and welcome to Hengchun! Hengchun is located in Pingtung County, five miles from the southernmost tip of Taiwan. I have been living here for six months and am excited to share my life with you!


In my last article, I reflect on my time in Taiwan and discuss ways that YOU can remain connected to Taiwan even after this journey ends!

Field Notes

For this article, 6th grade students shared with me what their life is like in Hengchun. They talk about everything from food to school to chores!


Welcome to my life in Hengchun! In this piece, I show pictures of the things I see every day. I start with a tour of my apartment and then walk you through my day-to-day life.