Traveler Bio

Hello! My name is Annie, and I am from Denver, Colorado. I currently live in Taiwan, where I teach English as part of the Fulbright U.S Student Program. I recently graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. I studied biochemistry, and I try to integrate aspects of science into my lessons whenever possible. When I was a baby, my parents adopted me from China. Therefore, I chose to teach English in Taiwan as a way to learn more about the language and culture in the region. My goal is to develop a deeper understanding of life in Taiwan and gain basic Mandarin conversation skills by the end of the school year. 

During the weekdays, you will find me teaching at two elementary schools near Kenting National Park on the southern tip of Taiwan. I enjoy helping students develop their interest in learning English while teaching about my culture in the United States. It is especially exciting when students and teachers share their traditions with me. On the weekends, you will find me exploring different parts of Taiwan, such as night markets, hiking trails, and beaches. I enjoy participating in outdoor activities, especially when there is wildlife around. Even though I only lived in Taiwan for a few weeks, I had the opportunity to see Formosan rock macaques and Formosan sika deer, both of which are native to Taiwan.

I think that learning about a community through living in it is one of the most exciting aspects of travel. I hope that, on this journey with me, you will be able to learn about Taiwan as if you were living here with me, too. I am incredibly excited that you will embark on this adventure with me. This is my first time visiting Taiwan, and I’m looking for a travel buddy!