Hengchun, Taiwan
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Journal Entry:

I cannot believe that it’s now time to close our journey together! From learning about Taiwanese food to Chinese language to bits about Taiwanese culture, I hope that you have come away from this with new knowledge about Taiwan and a foundation to continue to develop questions about Taiwan and the rest of the world.

As I reflect on my time in Taiwan, I have found that one of my favorite parts of living abroad is that I learn something new every single day: whether it is a new Chinese word, a yummy new restaurant in my neighborhood, or an interesting fact about one of my students, I am constantly being exposed to new and exciting information when I am here. For instance, last weekend, I attended the Taiwan Music Festival where I listened to several Taiwanese artists that I have now added to my Spotify playlist. When I first arrived in Taiwan, I also learned that music festivals, here, are free, meaning anyone can attend and enjoy the music. During the school week, my students took a field trip to an onion farm, where I learned all about how onions are grown and harvested in this area and the many ways this vegetable can be used in Taiwanese cooking. This aspect of constant learning and discovery is by far one of the coolest aspects of living abroad.