How Costa Ricans Do Breakfast


One of the best parts about living with a host family is that there's always a warm breakfast waiting for me before school. Coffee, fruit and a main dish fill me up before the day's activities. 

One breakfast, however, stands out from all the rest. I heard about gallo pinto before even coming to Costa Rica. It is so famous that people say they're "even more Tico than gallo pinto" to prove just how Costa Rican they are! Read on to find out what gallo pinto means and how it's made.

What food did I try?:

I can hear it sizzling before I round the corner into the kitchen, and I'm already excited to eat it. My host mom is making gallo pinto, which means "spotted rooster," a very common rice and bean dish. Costa Ricans eat a lot of gallo pinto for breakfast, and I have grown to love it. 

I've also tried a lot of coffee. I drink a cup of black coffee with my host mom every single morning! I used to put milk and sugar in it, but I've grown to prefer the pure, acidic taste of black coffee. Costa Rica grows a lot of coffee, so it is always fresh and rich in flavor. Have you ever tried coffee?