Meet My Favorite Costa Rican Creatures


Some people think they're gross and slimy; I think they are beautiful little treasures! Once you get good at spotting frogs in Costa Rica, you realize that they're everywhere. The humid, rainy weather is perfect for these little creatures, who depend on water to survive. They're actually amphibians, which means they spend part of their life on land and part of their life in water--amphibian translates to '"two lives". Over 100 types of frogs call Costa Rica home, and can only be spotted here! Which ones have I spotted? Let's find out.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

Frogs come in all shapes and sizes! That's my favorite thing about them, they're like cool little collectors' items. They can be as tiny as your thumb or even bigger than your hand!

Generally, they are green creatures, but they can range from strawberry-red to leafy-brown to blue-jean blue. Here in Costa Rica, you might not notice you're even looking at a frog because they have amazing camouflage. When tree frogs are sleeping, they hold their arms and legs close to their body and hide all of their red, blue, and orange parts, just showing their leafy-green backs. Other frogs look just like leaves, sticks, or even moss! Perhaps the most special frog is the glass frog, which has a clear belly. That means you can see its heart and intestines through its underside. So cool!