Farewell, Everyone!

Dresden, Germany
51.050408800000, 13.737262100000
Journal Entry:

Hello again! This is my last entry and I am a little sad. It was wonderful chatting with you all last week. I hope you had a wonderful winter vacation.

In this final journal entry, I would like to tell you my top three reasons for traveling abroad.

First, it is so wonderful meeting new people. I have made several friends here. I also volunteer with a group of German teenagers. These international friendships are so rewarding!

Second, it is very exciting to travel to new cities and explore the sites in each city. My favorite cities include Rome and Paris.

Third, I love trying new foods! That is probably why I shared so many photos of food with you. Food is a great way to make new friends and get to know a city and its region.

Where would you like to travel to?  I hope that you, too, can go explore the world!  Have fun!  And thank you again for sharing this time in Germany with me.