Traveler Bio

I'm April and I grew up in southern California. I enjoy sunshine, road trip adventures, playing sports, meeting my friends, and cooking with my sister. But my biggest hobby is traveling. At college, I applied for funding so that I could take my first trip: a three-month research project in southern India! I learned more about Tibetan refugees, people who had moved from Tibet to India. It was an incredible opportunity to learn how to research and get to know people around the world.

After I finished my research project, I traveled throughout India, exploring and learning from the remarkable diversity in India. After my trip to India, I decided I wanted to keep on traveling. I changed my major to Anthropology, and went on another three-month research trip to Thailand. In Thailand, I worked with farmers in the north, near Thailand’s border with Laos and China. I even got to cross the border to Laos and learn more about infrastructure and economics. After Thailand, I finished my Bachelor’s degree, then a Master’s degree, and am now finishing up my PhD!

I decided to do my most recent project in Germany, where I studied politics. Now I am back in Germany and I am researching education – what students have to learn and who gets to decide what students have to learn. It’s thrilling living here and I can’t wait to tell you more!