Ariana's Journey to Austria

Current Location

Vienna, Austria

Hey there! My name is Ariana Alexandrescu and this semester I'm living and studying in Vienna, Austria. I'm excited for you to join me on this journey as we experience European culture!


This weekend I took a trip to a new country! This country borders Austria. The capital of this country is Prague. Which country did I visit? Read this logbook to find out!


Architecture is what people do when they design and construct a building. Come learn about your favorite type of architecture in Vienna and maybe even design your own building!

Field Notes

A community has many people of all ages. This includes kids! In this field note, I explore the importance of having fun and talk about safe places for kids to play and explore in Vienna.


Since many people in Austria are Catholic, Christmas is a very important holiday in this country. In this album you can see pictures of the famous Christmas Markets, called Weihnachtsmarkt.