Traveler Bio

Hola! Soy Arianny! Hi! My name is Arianny (pronounced: air-E-on-E)!

Greetings from Spain, where people tend to call me Ari. My mom is from a beautiful, small island called the Dominican Republic and my dad is from Mexico, so I am half Dominican and half Mexican but also an American citizen. I study administrative management (business) and Spanish at Missouri State University, where I have three jobs and am super involved on my campus.

Right now I am studying abroad in Spain at the University of Granada. I was on an airplane for 13 hours to get here! Spain is a beautiful, magical place that is a very popular place to visit. In the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Spain, people speak Spanish. I am in Spain to learn to read and write better in Spanish, so I am able to help all kinds of people in the world--starting with my family.

I have two younger sisters in high school who also want to travel the world as I do. I love to dance, study, workout and travel. While I travel and study abroad, I love to take pictures, eat new kinds of food, go to museums, go to the beaches, explore and share my experiences with students like you. I can't wait to meet you all!