"Hasta Luego" Until Next Time

Barcelona, Spain
Journal Entry:

I am currently in Barcelona, Spain. My grandma told me I had a cousin in Barcelona, so I flew there to meet my cousin! I am having such an amazing time traveling the world as I study and intern abroad. At the beginning of my journey, I shared with you that I have come to Granada, Spain to perfect my Spanish. I have accomplished that goal by immersing myself in the culture and by speaking as little English as possible. The best way to learn a language is by going to a country where people speak that language. If you decide to attend college, I highly encourage you to study abroad; there are many scholarships that help you study abroad such as the Gilman Scholarship. No matter what major you choose, there are many study- abroad options for you. If you decide college is not for you, I still encourage you to save your money and travel somewhere new. What better way to spend your money than by traveling? I come from a poor, under-represented family, and I worked hard to be able to study abroad. So my message is this: if I can do it, then so can you! My major is Administrate Management (business), and my minor is Spanish. To recap: this semester, I traveled to Spain in August; visited a small pueblo (town); traveled to Granada to start my Spanish and business classes; and traveled to the capital city of Spain, Madrid.