Building a Community


All communities have areas in which they are strong and other areas where help is needed. In order to write this field note, I had a long discussion with a friend who lives in Granada about the community needs in the city. In this piece, I also address what is, in my opinion as a Business major, the most important community need. 

What community need did I learn about?:

One of my good friends and I were talking about the needs in his community here in Granada. The need that spoke to me the most is the need for more businesses and jobs. It is hard to find a job in this city unless you have some type of connection here. The unemployment rate is much higher than in the United States. I have discovered that it is not typical for college students in Granada to work. Young adults between the ages 18 – 26 are either attending a university or working. I do not know many people that do both. In the United States, I feel that it is normal for students to study and have a part time job. 

Why does the community have this need?:

In Granada, Spain many people work as English teachers or in the tourism industry. In Spain, English classes are common, and people want to learn a second language to become more marketable for the many tourism-related jobs here. These jobs typically include service jobs at tapas bars, restaurants, and rural accommodations.