Brianna's Journey to Taiwan

Current Location

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Hello everyone! I'm Brianna, and I can't wait to share my experiences living and working abroad as a FUlbright ETA in Taiwan! Want to explore this incredible island and culture with me? Let's go!


Back to summer weather here, and so soon too! Join me as I recap this week and give some updates on what is happening in and around Kaohsiung!


Thank you for joining me on my journey in Taiwan! I hope you take what you learn on your own journeys around the world!

Field Notes

What is it like to live as a kid on the other side of the world? Follow along as two of my 5th-grade students describe their lives as 11-year-olds in Taiwan!


Join 6th-grade students on their field trip as they explore some of Kaohsiung's local beaches, wetlands and fish markets, and learn the importance of diverse and sustainable ecosystems.