Goodbye is not a farewell.(Auf wiedersehen ist kein Abschied.)

Tuebingen, Germany
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Journal Entry:

Dear students,

This is the final destination for my written journey. But please don’t be sad about this! After all, an ending always means a new beginning. Let’s review what we have seen and learned from my journey. I have also attached some of the photos from my previous articles to remind you of the places we have been together! 

In my autobiograohy, I talked about why I had chosen Germany as my study-abroad destination and how I handle country and cultural differences as an immigrant American. Then I took you guys to the fantastic pumpkin festival! This is an important festival for Germans in order to celebrate the harvest and the autumn, (but not Halloween!) At this festival, we saw that everything is similar but also different because of the culture. Then we went to the food field note. I introduced you to the hundred-year-old Swabian traditional cuisine called Maultasche. I also shared what modern Germans think about vegetarian food and environmental issues. Again, even though Germany is famous for its meat dishes, they also produce fantastic vegetarian dishes. I am not a vegetarian, but I had vegetarian food for two weeks straight and felt pretty good! Germans also make substitute meat food.