Swabian Maultaschen


German food has influenced history. German food represents a mixing of cultures between German and French. It also includes food from Northern European countries such as Denmark. Today, I will talk about one of the old traditional Swabian dishes called Maultaschen.  

Maultaschen looks like a large version of dumplings mixed with ravioli. Maultaschen are bigger than ravioli and have more filling inside. They look like square pocket dumplings. The filling inside typically consists of meat with vegetables. This dish was created during the time of Lent back in the 17th century. The unruly Cistercian monks wanted to sneak meat into noodles so they made a little pocket for meat filling. The nickname for this dish is Herrgottsbescheißerle, which means “small God-cheaters.”  The state I am currently in is called Baden-Wuerttemberg. In this region, Maultaschen has been recognized as a “regional specialty” and is seen as being significant to the cultural heritage of Baden-Wuerttemberg.


What food did I try?:

Next to the beautiful main river called Necker in Tuebingen, there is a long-established restaurant called “Necker Müller”. This restaurant serves traditional Swabian dishes. I had both regular Maultaschen and vegetarian Maultaschen at this restaurant.