Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival


This week, I attended a fun pumpkin festival that reminded me of Halloween in the USA but with a distinctly German twist!


What tradition did I learn about?:

I attended a pumpkin festival. I started by trying pumpkin seeds from the festival vendors. They were making different flavors of fried pumpkin seeds. There was a chocolate sugar coat, cappuccino sugar coat and cinnamon sugar coat. Of course, I chose the cinnamon flavor! According to my German friends, sugar coated pumpkin seeds is one of the traditional fall and winter festival snacks. After this quick stop, I went directly to the pumpkin exhibition. The exhibition had various displays dedicated to pumpkins. There were booths to display the world's largest pumpkin, and there were booths for displaying over a hundred other kinds of pumpkins. My favorite exhibition pieces were the pumpkin sculptures. There were a lot of artistic sculptures built from pumpkins. For example, I saw a tall mermaid, a large octopus, a big golden fish and a giant SpongeBob!  After a couple hours of reviewing exhibits, I tried the special festival pumpkin soup. It was amazing. I dipped my bread into the soup, a classic German habit. The soup did not taste sweet.