Hummus in the Holy City


I have eaten a lot of incredible food in Israel, and in the few other countries that I have had the opportunity to visit during the holidays. I have eaten my fair share of staples like hummus, pita bread and Israeli salad, but I have also had incredible home cooking and eating experiences with my friends. The food here in Israel is some of the best I have ever had. My favorite weekly activity is to head to the outdoor market, called the shook/shuk, and go shopping for groceries. Many of the vendors allow me free samples of their produce, granola and nuts, and I am able to pick the one with the best quality and the best price. I have even become good friends with two of the market vendors! 

What food did I try?:

My favorite food to try, at every restaurant that I go to, is hummus.  I do not eat out too often, as Israel is fairly expensive, but when I do, I always have to try the hummus. Each restaurant makes it completely different from the next, and even in the grocery stores and at the shuk there are dozens of different kinds to try and decide between. Usually the hummus is served with fresh pita bread, which can be very "hit-or-miss." I have luckily found my favorite pita bread baker at the shuk, so I have no trouble getting the best and most fresh pita possible. The hummus is always new and exciting, though!