Finding Natural Beauty in a Big City


One of the most common plants in Israel is known as a "bougainvillea", which is a vine that seems it can grow anywhere. It has incredibly bright flowers that are typically bright pink and red, but can also be orange, white or purple. I see bougainvillea everywhere I go in Israel and it is a comforting sight when so much of my usual surroundings is made of classrooms and buildings. In addition to this beautiful vine, cats also thrive in Israel. Other countries have stray dogs, but Israel has a very large number of stray cats. They find a way to survive despite rarely being anyone's pet.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The cats in Israel look like any other cats. They are all so cuddly and cute, but some can be very defensive and vicious. Since only a few of them are house pets, most of the cats are dirty and not well-groomed. There are a variety of colors and patterns on the cats, from calicos to tabbies. Some of the smaller cats get in fights more often than the larger cats, so they can also look a little beat up.

How did I feel when I saw it?:

I love cats. I have two cats at home in the U.S., so I was happy to find so many here in Israel. It can be a really nice break from class and studying to find a cat to pet, cuddle and play with when studying outside on the grass.