Finding Natural Beauty in a Big City

It is especially cute to see a mother cat feeding her babies.  The kittens love to chase ribbons and other long things, which makes for a great distraction!

Where does it live?:

The cats live everywhere. It is hard to tell where they live at night, but I assume they find dry places in the buildings and underneath bushes to keep warm. Some of the students in the student village have adopted the newer kittens. There is one cat that lives in the laundry room and greets you with a "meow" and a "purr" whenever you walk in. Cats are resilient creatures and have found loving homes amongst the student community here.

How does it use its environment to survive?:

The cats that live on Hebrew University's campus and at the student village are all beggars and scavengers. They will approach anyone eating food. In fact, they dig through the garbage cans and the new kittens will steal food from people if left unattended. There is even a cat that lives in one of the buildings and rides the elevator to see which apartment he can make it in to get some treats! Some of the janitors feed the cats on a regular basis, just in case they were having a hard time finding food elsewhere.

What can harm this creature or plant? Are we worried about it?:

I do not think anyone is too worried about the cats. They are strong and defensive. The only danger I have seen are fast moving vehicles on the streets. There are some tussles between the cat families at the student village, but usually life is pretty easy-going for them. Many of the students pet the cats and take care of them, so they are getting all the love they need!