Religion Influences the Environment

On top of this, Palestinians often times face the threat of destruction of their homes and land by the Israeli occupation. They also experience the effects of dumping and the mistreatment of their land.

How have people been adapting to this environment?:

There has been a big move throughout the world to bridge the gap between religion and environmental sustainability. Religion dominates much of what happens in Israel and Palestine, so it seems like a good place to start to encourage people to appreciate and respect their land. In the Bible, whichever version you might be looking at, God speaks of caring for the earth. This needs to be transformed into an active responsibility for the earth and a healthy environment. People are slowly coming to this realization in Israel and Palestine. For instance, Tel Aviv is now the vegan capital of the world, which is a great first step towards making more environmentally-friendly choices. There has also been increased discussion of environmental efforts throughout Israel and Palestine, such as through desalination plants and improved irrigation systems. Each day people are thinking of new ways to adapt!

Bethlehem, West Bank, Israel-Palestine