Colton's Journey to Latvia

Current Location

Riga, Latvia

Welcome! My name is Colton, and I’m studying the behavior of mixed-species flocks of birds in Latvia. It’s exciting to share my research and cultural experiences with you while on my Fulbright grant!


This past week, I ventured off to Georgia! I swam in the Black Sea, climbed some mountains and marveled at historic architecture, all in 70 degree weather. Though tiny, Georgia seems to have it all! 


When moving to a new country, I had so many thoughts, expectations and questions racing through my mind! Read on to learn about some cultural (and climatic) observations I’ve noticed while in Latvia.

Field Notes

To get a glimpse into the daily life and background of a Latvian university student, I ran through some questions with a student also studying biology. Artūrs is a local, so he was a great source!


I don't know if I could've picked a more eventful 24 hours to blog! I hope to show what my daily life is like in Riga, in terms of research, community involvement and opportunities to travel!