All in a Day's Work: Blogging My Busiest Day Yet


In case you were wondering, yes, I do have a constant supply of bird seed inside of a tub in my apartment at all times!
In my view outside, this awning has almost a foot of snow accumulated on its roof, which began right before Thanksgiving
After I get off the bus that takes me to my field site, I walk past these incredible winter cabins!
Another really cool site near our field site is the Roman Catholic Church of Archangel Michael... check out the white building, white snow and white sky!
 On a busy day when we mist net birds, we can we can catch up to 25 great tits in one net over the course of an hour!
This particular day was special because it was also the lighting of the Riga Christmas tree!
As it got darker and lighting time got closer (still only around 4:00 p.m.), the crowd began to gather and grow...
The lit tree is especially significant for Latvians, because the first written historical record of a decorated Christmas tree comes from Riga in 1510!