Saarbrücken 49.2402° N, 6.9969° E
Journal Entry:

Yesterday I went to Luxembourg CIty. I casually crossed a national border on my bus ride north from Saarbrücken into Luxembourg. Yesterday's day trip ties so well into my educational goals here and what I have been studying in my Border Studies classes. However, the trip also ties into my larger goals which are focused on curiosity, exploration and motivation during my time abroad.

Firstly, because my academic goals are more concrete, I want to talk about how traveling abroad fits in with that. This year I wanted to learn more about borders and improve my language skills. I am so thankful that what I have learned about in the classroom (cross-border travel, boundaries and belonging,) are things I have also been able to experience outside in the real world. These past few months I have read academic papers about behaviors surrounding borders: for example, how Germans cross the border into Luxembourg to get gas, coffee, perfume and chocolate because it is cheaper on the Luxembourg side of the border. While I purchased none of those items, specifically, having that knowledge in mind as I crossed the border, made my experience all the more reflective. I love applying what I have learned. It makes me feel more invested, not only in the classroom, but also in my environment.

In terms of languages, I know my German has improved just from being immersed in the language.